Monday, August 3, 2020

To My Children

             The Statements in both of these photos are kind of for all of you. I found them on Pinterest and couldn't resist posting them. The only difference being that two of you are boys and one of you is a girl. I Love you all unconditionally; and I hope you'll never forget that, nor the words that I am trying to get through to you here!

You Guys Know I've always been overbearing. Just know One day You'll understand exactly why!

Don't Ever Forget This My Only Daughter (Insider)

 The Highlighted Links below these photos are  the links to Pinterest were I got these photos from!

Still Working On Me ;Will Trying To Help Other People Rebuild Their conf...

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Just an Update on Subsciptions

 Hello Everyone,

 I noticed that I was not being notified about them(Subscriptions). 

So, I decided to removed that link. With that being said;if you scroll to the bottom of the mobile page,It'll bring you to the web version(or if you're on there already),Please look to the right of the website and follow my blog to stay updated. I'd really appreciate it. 

  I had to put this out there because I had been asking people to go and subscribe. And well and not beneficial.Although the views have been plentiful.
 Thank you to all of you that have popped in. And please follow,comment,and share.

 Enjoy your day. Also this isn't the blog that I'd promised but it is coming when i'm feeling better! Multiple Sclerosis got in the way these past few days.
I promise!!!!!

What We Learn When School Can’t Stop | Nora Flanagan | TEDxWrigleyville

I Believe this should be the case for everywhere!Praying that people are paying attention and making improvements along the way.