Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Happy Holidays

 I was supposed to make this post before Thanksgiving. And being that it has passed us by; I still feel the need to make it. 

 Now that the holidays are here; what are you most excited about? Spending time with family, the food, or the gifts? 
Mine is being able to send time with my children. With everything that we’ve been through I can’t help but appreciate the time we are able to spend together .

Friday, November 22, 2019

Honoring of Veterans

I had to go to court today(for a reason I will not state). It was the first time I had been Downtown in a while. 

As I was driving a ran across this. I know it’s no longer Veterans Day. For some reason I still felt the need to share this.

Again thank you to those of you that serve ,have served, and continue to serve our Country!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Back to Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

It's been a little while since I've spoke about my health.

It's not because I didn't want to. I just wasn't sure what I wanted to share.

 And I've also had other things affecting my writing process.

Me still not having an income,depression(yes,I am 

depressed),not having my baby with me, and most recently my 


and step dad getting into a really bad accident.

By the grace of god they're doing a lot better! 

I'm appreciative of the family members that were able to make sure they were okay!

I'm bothered by this because I am/was unable to do so myself.

My health although it's somewhat stable still has not been back to 

what I'd like for it to be.

Migraines are somewhat normal for me now. Due to me 

having one 

almost everyday.

As well as numbness and tingling.

What I don't miss or wish I could do without all together is the 


I got them almost everyday after I was hospitalized the last time.

 So ,me getting them scares me. Although they aren't an everyday thing.

I'm just happy that it's all I have at the moment.

Anything else would have me afraid .

That I'd end up back in the hospital.

The depression comes in from me still not having my own.

My own money, place for my children,and I  .

Definitely unsure how I've been getting but but I have been. 

Which I can actually say I'm actually happy for.

 But thank you to those of you that take the time out to read my blogs.

Eventually I'll be more consistent with them.

Please,take a moment to check out an ad or

 two,shop,follow/subscribe, and share.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

She’s only 16

I was scrolling through Instagram. And happened to come across this picture on @Lilduval’s page.

Because of it I was inspired to look into her Instagram page  a little further. As you can see on this picture were she’d responded to his post. Her page is @syddd2x and I learned she’s also a young entrepreneur the Instagram for her business is @sydflowsFits. 

Her story is dope and I hope this encourages more young people’s to explore different career opportunities that are available to them. As well as even trying to become young entrepreneurs themselves.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Self Love/Love yourself

  The past few days/weeks; I was unsure of what to blog about. I mean I was stumped. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about it. About how much I needed to love myself.

   Then I thought about how I've been feeling about myself. How I'd been looking for love in all of the wrong places. For years at that. And most recently why I was doing it.

    It started when I was a young girl. I remember at one time I had to wear hand me downs. From other people being as though I'd grown up an only child.

 I remember being alone a lot. When guys did pay me any attention; I ate that shit up(please excuse the language). Most of the time they were older men(let's say up to five years)

Now mind you ,I’ve only been in two long-term relationship,and two half ass relationships( again excuse my language). The two relationships was seven or more years long. The other two I was in the relationship but they weren’t. If that makes since?

  Within the two half ass relationships(excuse my language). One of the guys had a baby while we were together. And the other every time I turned around there was another girlfriend popping up.

  Throughout the four of those relationships; I feel like I took the crap they was handing me,because I didn’t love me enough.

 The last few years I refrained from being in a relationship. Refusing to be someone's side chick. I refused settle for less than what I feel like I deserve.

 Throughout everything it was I was going through(being taken out of work, my health issues,and living from house to house); Settling wasn't/isn't and option.

 Even with me being without out settling still was/is not an option.

 I love me. I love me more than I think I ever have before. So,the next relationship I get in; They must love me just as much. And aside from working and the individual must do the same. Love me more than I love myself!

  I said all of that to say; Even if it takes the rest of your life take time to love yourself more. Appreciate you and all of the things that come with you. And most importantly make sure the individual you're with does the same.