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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Attempting to get ads placed on this page

  Yesterday I had to figure why I was unable to get ads on this page. And after doing a little research I figured it out. Starting the blog on here was free. But in order to place ads on here and make real money off of it,I have to get an actual website.
  Sounds like it would be an easy task right?Nope, In  order to get that I'd need money. And of course not having any income at all gets in my way.
   Something I thought would be so easy to do seems to throw another monkey wrench in my way.
 Although I don't plan to allow that to stop me. I'll get the funds I need eventually.
 $12 a year isn't much but it's a  lot in times like these.
   For now I ask that you all continue to keep me in your prayers. And have a good day.

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