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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Re-posting this post Re-edited blog/ About My second attempt at this

  So,I started what I assumed was a blog before.On Vocal Media but I've since deactivated that account. After I'd posted three different articles I realized that wasn't the route I had wanted to go.On that site.

 I assumed I'd get more traffic. Not really sure exactly how I was going to do so. I shared it on my pages. Several times might I add.  I'd even sent it to few friends and family members look at it. I'm assuming because it might of been a little to real(I've been and am still going threw some things in my life as well as with my finances); not too many people gravitated to it. or they just didn't care.

 The site itself was okay I guess. A great starter for me. It pushed me to look further into things.

  Which led me here. I didn't like how the payouts were listed on that site,after I got to my third article, and realized at that rate  I'd never get anywhere. Nor to get my stories out like i'd like.
 Although I did like how it allowed for people to give tips. Something about the sit itself didn't sit well with my spirit. Which led to blogger and eventuality my own website . Were I signed up for ads , added my cashapp,and also my paypal links. That way if people would like to donate they could .Or they could just click on and ad or two.

  Again that was is my first time actually blogging and can assure you it wasn't my last. I have a YouTube page as well (Mz Littlejohn) you can look at what I've shared there as well.

 I hope that I can be a help to someone as well as myself in doing this.

I hope you enjoy and continue to hang in here with me. Have a great day.


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