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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Surviving Mulple Sclerosis/Apprehension

I've been sitting here feeling bad for myself. Wondering where I'm going to live, how I’m going to make sure my kids are situated, how long it's going to take for my disability claim to come through. Although I'm doing the best that I can. I still feel like I'm not doing enough.
I got on the internet, viewed a post about an old friend passing away(May she rest in peace),of course I assumed it was bullshit. Wondering how it could be her, what happened to her , how her child is taking it .Why when she's so young? In fact, she’s younger than I am.
At that moment I felt like my issues or my health didn't matter. All I wanted to do was cry. And god put a stop to that. It's funny how it came about.
I told my aunt what happened. Showed her a few of the young ladies’ pictures. Found my cousin in an old class picture. While doing so I ran across some pictures. A celebrity and her daughter. To be exact it was Gabrielle Union-Wade ( gabunion on IG) and her beautiful daughter Kaavia ( Kaaviajames on IG)James Union-Wade(forgive me if I wrote that wrong).
For some odd reason when you're on Facebook, and you go to another person’s page , when you get back to the page the picture magically disappears.
We somehow ended up on Instagram. At the time I refused to look for the baby’s name. I wouldn't have remembered how her name was spelled. So I  went straight to Gabrielle's page. Which led me to the baby’s page. And we laughed(because most of her captions are hilarious) and was in awe over her pictures.
Why did I have to hit backspace while doing so? We then landed on JaydeKamille's page(jaydekamille_ on IG) and we did the same on there. Yes, I did it again after that and ended up on Jaimesha Thomas' page(thatgirljaycole on IG) and we laughed so hard while going through her videos.
And my aunt attempted to leave me alone. I'm not sure if she sensed that I was on the verge of having a slight break down or not. But her sitting there talking to me made me think of other things. And instead of crying I ended up thinking of a thoughtful post to put on my friend that had away page.
I was so apprehensive about writing a post on her page. And when I saw the pick of Gabrielle and her baby: it gave me a few minutes, let me stop lying it was about an hour, to clear my head. It gave me a little more time to reflect on things in my life. As well more time to think about my friend and the times we once shared with her.
Thanks again for reading my post, maybe sharing it, and donating if you'd like! I’m unsure if I’m writing these articles the correct way or not. Also, on whether or not people even have taken the time to view my articles. Aside from the small amount of people that I do know. But I’m going to keep trying. I refuse to give up on this.
I was in my feelings when I did post this particular article. So initially there was a huge amount of errors. That I had to correct. Some that could be change and others that I absolutely could not change. And I’m hoping that I don’t have another issue with publishing this article because of it.
So please bear with me I’m going to figure out the hang of this site.
FYI:I did have more issues publishing this on Vocal. Which is why i'm just going to do it on here instead.First,it wasn't long enough, and had(what they considered errors),and after I made tha proper corrctions I still had issues. And i'm annoyed and over it so Blogger it is!lol
Please have a good one!

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