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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/ Help for the homeless

     I live in the state of Connecticut. I'm not sure how things work throughout the united states.
 I'm concerned about why it only seems like the state of Connecticut only helps drug addicted individuals,alcoholics,and people that live in shelters for long periods of times. I'm sick with multiple sclerosis and have been for several years.The end of last year my flare ups became a major issue for me. Up until that time I was able to manage it.
     The only thing I've really needed help with up until recently was medical and every so often food stamps. Food stamps was an issue because my income always went up and down.
 My concern is why aren't there more programs to help people? People that get in situations such as my own? Without them having to be an alcoholic, on drugs,or in a shelter.
 I mean I'm living house to house. Why isn't that to them still considered homeless?
  What do they expect people t do? With no income coming in. And barely any available jobs that people like myself can do. Especially ones that would afford me the means of trying to pay for an apartment. If you don't know already the rents here are very high priced.
 If there isn't at least to or three people with incomes it's almost impossible to survive.
  What are the people that are awaiting income determination decisions expected to do?
 I've also contacted several state representatives(who I won't name)and got one almost and I mean almost answer. And I'm praying it helps!
 If anyone can push me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

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