Thursday, May 23, 2019

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/Contest entry

  I entered a contest today. It's called the 25k Pitch competition. Started by Chamillionaire, E40, and on a website named Convoz.
  I'm not sure If I'll actually win. Although if I do I hope that I can make a difference in peoples lives To try and get them the help that I can't seem to receive. If you've read any of my prior blogs on here, my Vocal Media account ( ), on my YouTube account ( ). I tend to talk about the struggles i'm currently going through.
   After being hospitalized the end of September. My children and I being separated and losing primary custody of my youngest son. As well as about me having to living from one house to the other. To the point were I may end up in a shelter next.
  Hopefully I win and can get the help that people in these or similar  situations need.
 I only came back up here this even to post this. I hope you all are having or have had a good day.

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