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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/Inspiration

   You never know exactly what you'll get inspired by. Or when you'll get inspired. Nor, exactly what it would be that a person gets the inspiration to do. I love seeing people do good. No matter what it is they're doing. Going to school, for a better position at their job,starting their own business.

  I've always enjoyed reading. Which pushed me to want to be a writer.

   And through the mist of me getting into an accident,having a flare up,and basically losing just about everything. I lost the drive to continue. Little thing like me writing things like this; My inspiration comes back. Yet,with me still not seeing much progress I get depressed and push it off more.

 During the mist of these trials and tribulations that i'm enduring ; I need to find ways of getting myself out of this. So inspired to do something  I know will eventually flourish. But the not having my finances together and not having my own place(for my children and I) it gets so hard.

Especially when you don't think people care.

  Meaning they care but not enough to support you. They care but would rather ignore what you're trying to do. They care but would rather it be them doing it. So they decide support you isn't enough.
 I'm grateful for the people that do take their time out to look,read,share,or just take there time out to listen to you.
  I'm grateful that my parents take the time out to do what it is they can. That my children although their concerned and probably depressed about it as well continue to push.Realizing there is a bigger purpose at the end of our journey.
  I say our because we are in this together. And I love that about them.
 Although I'm inspired to do It( writing my book) I just can't take my focus off of trying to acquire my own enough to do it. How can I do that? When can I do that?
  I also would like to start some type of foundation. Or see if I can push someone to start programs for people in situations like mine.
  Why isn't my not having my own,and living house to house ,not enough reasoning for certain programs to help me? Why do I have to go stay in a shelter for any type of help?
  I mean I'm sick,can't work,have no income coming in, anticipating an approval for disability.The state of Connecticut says I can work though oh or go to school(How when I'm limited to 20 hrs and can't sit or stand for long periods of time?).
  Yet there's no program out there that can assist me.
So as you can see I am very inspired to do a couple of different thing; My depression,and being broke just won't allow me to take the time out for those things.

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