Thursday, May 9, 2019

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/Understanding peoples:my feelings

Not knowing how I’m going to feel from one day to the next. From having paresthesis (I’m probably misspelling it),to the cramping(throughout my body) ,the weakness, sometimes having my leg giving out on me.
I hate when someone makes it up in their head that I’m not as bad as I believe. Just because I haven’t said anything; or they can’t see it. I’m just not one to complain about things unless it becomes a major issue for me. I’m sorry you can’t see it or that I didn’t express exactly how I’m feeling to you.
I’ve worked most of my life. So for me to be going through this. For me to have to ask for help or need people to me allow me to stay with them it’s almost unbearable.
It’s taking everything in me not to just try and give up on everything and everybody. Like people have done to me countless times over the years.
My children is what keeps me. Helps me stay grounded. Makes me push forward. Even though I have all of the odds stacked against me.
I wish people would stop assuming I enjoy being out of work, depending on other people, waiting for assistance. I can’t go back to school because I’m limited to 20hrs. of work a week. The most experience I’ve had working was as a school bus driver. And although I could try and get my certification back to work as a cna; let’s face it who really wants someone that could possibly have a flare up taking care of their family member?
I feel like to matter how hard I try to get things done it never good enough. Also lets no forget he fact that I’ll either be walking or taking public transportation. Although I don’t mind it .It’s just not a great means of transportation. For anyone working in healthcare. Nor for a person like myself that has children all over the place.
Like I stated before I started this page as well as my YouTube page( Mz.Littlejohn ) to get some things off my chest. As well as to try and help others that may be facing similar issues. Not necessarily just people with MS.
If I can help anyone learn more about multiple sclerosis. Or deal with the issues that they are being dealt with in life I’m more than happy to help. It’s hard trying to deal with these types of thing on your own. And if most people are like myself rather not go sit in a group, hear about other people’s issues , or talk about their own for that matter;  I’m more than positive that I’m taking the correct way of doing so.
I just hope that people would try harder understanding. Some things people go through is a lot easier when people take time to listen to them. Not assume that they aren’t capable or doing things the correct way. Because more often than not it’s not the case.
Try waking up out of your sleep with the shakes. having a cramp randomly (in your leg ,back, toe, arm etc.). Or attempting to get up to walk and do something and your leg just gives out on you. I can promise you at that moment anything you’re doing or trying to get done isn’t happening.
I Know I probably have a ton of grammatical errors. Please just hang in here with me. This is my second time venturing off to try and do something like this. And it also took me a while to do because I stated before you never know how someone feels. Lets just say at least two times during me writing this article I got cramps in my back. I hope you all enjoy my articles and continue to share them.

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