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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Maleah Davis/Praying that all of those involved get what's coming to them

 This story has been bothering me for days.As a parent It hurts me;To have to have watched /read a story like this.
 This baby didn't deserve to be slain like she was. She didn't deserve any of the treatment she was given by those who were supposed to protect her or anyone else.
     Maleah Davis deserved to enjoy her life as a child. Not to be discarded like she was a piece of trash and thrown on the side of a road. She didn't didn't deserve to have her life taken away like that.
   Whoever was involved whether they did it or not should be charged with murder. She couldn't fend for herself so the ones that could have prevented this should've done just that.
   I pray that this is the last time we have to watch/read a story of  this kind. Please do better at protecting our children!

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