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Friday, July 5, 2019

Are you dating just because? Or do you plan to eventually Marry?

      I've been thinking about this for sometime. Yet,I've been unsure of how to present it. I see some people jump from dating one person to another. Not even giving themselves enough time to breath in between. Or even giving themselves enough time to get to know the people or persons they're dating.

 What me brought me to this particular titled blog.
  My grandmother and I had a conversation. About a family members marriage having been 20 years already. Hers and my dads being even longer. And my moms creeping up right behind them. I wonder why so many of the newer married couples don’t work out.

 Is it from not taking enough time to get to know one another? Or allowing other people or things to infiltrate it?

  Now it has been some years since I’ve dated anyone. Although I’ve had dealings with one or two individuals since my last relationship. I’m currently going through some things that I feel are more important than a relationship. My health beingone and the other not having stability.
 When I do ;my goal is to potentially try to eventually get married ,and have a long lasting one at that.  
  I pray that those of you that are dating;take the time out to think about long term(dating,relationships,& marriage). I’m sure none you would like to grow old being alone.

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