Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I found a Part-Time Job Today/This eventually didn’t workout for me

   Although It is in a field I didn't think I'd go back to. At this point I was kind of desperate. I need/needed help financially. And it was not coming through in abundance.
  It's for Companion position. Not Certified Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide position. That I had done for 11 plus years prior. I just assumed once I'd obtained my Commercial Drivers License I wouldn't go back working in this field at all. Which is why I had allowed my license to lapse.
   But with the change of circumstances there wasn't much of a choice for me. With me not having much experience in other fields.After obtaining my Commercial Drivers License I gave up on furthering my education.
  With me being not in the best of health I figured I'd steer clear of Certified Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide work.It being a Companion position it is similar feel just not as much hands on.

   I really enjoyed driving. Even when It had me just about all over Connecticut, New York,and Massachusetts. I got to see a lot of different places.

   All of these fields gave me the opportunity to meet new people. And also explore other places. The only difference is being in someone's home and not out on the road.

   I'm just excited to be able to make some money of my own. And not be dependent on other people for income as much. I say as much because it is a huge difference income wise. This is really going to take some getting used to. 

 I hope you've enjoyed my small victory rant! And take a moment to follow my blog and maybe comment on it as well. 

 It would be greatly appreciated!


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