Saturday, July 27, 2019

Wish Lists

  Sitting in the library today. And I decided to do some work on my blog. Well just adding an about me section to it. Upon doing so it asked me to link a wish list. 

  The wish list I have is on Amazon. Geared towards things I'd like in my new place. Whenever I do get a new place. 

I looked over the list. As well as looked at the spot observed for it. Only to realize if I do place it on there,I don't have anywhere to put the things, which had me searching for a different type of wish list.
  Only to get deep in my search. Realizing there isn't any type of wish list for what it is I really need.

  Why isn't there a wish list for it? Why are those lists so limited?
  Well,I guess because it's probably a bit much. Too much for someone to ask for on a wish list.

  If I could make a wish list for anything right now it would be a place of my own. I'm grateful for those of them that have allowed  my children and I to stay in there homes.

 I just really wish for us to have a place for us to call our own. 
   With all of the housing lists I've filled out for in the past few months nothing has came up. I'm not sure if me not having an income(I am searching for part time work,while waiting on disability) at the moment is the cause. Or if It's just not my time.Although I really wish it was!

I did manage to put the about me section on it though.

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