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Friday, August 16, 2019

Short Rant

   Every time I think things are starting to get better, we get knocked back down. I’m not sure exactly what this means I just know I’m about over it.

  For the most part I think my health is getting a little better. I’m not back to my norm though. I've still been having the tingling sensation in my arm and leg and most recently my knees have been bothering me.

  We’ve been able to stay above water(if that makes sense). We’re all still separated but we have places to stay. With my son getting the internship that he’d gotten.  Our bills have been covered .We’re beyond grateful for him to have gotten the opportunity.

     We were recently gifted a car. Yet, every time we turn around something’s wrong with it (the battery, the lower control arm that still needs to be looked at, as well as the check engine light is still on ),and of course me not having income I can’t afford to put gas into it.

It’s a long story but the job I thought I had didn’t work out. And with my son covering the bills we have I don’t like bothering him for much.

  When we first got the car, a few things needed to be fixed. The mechanic I used I believe is a scammer. According to him $800 should’ve fixed everything . So, after fixing the first few things on it the car should’ve been okay. But it hasn’t been.

 I’m just ready for this struggle to be over. I won’t  complain because they honestly could be worse.

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