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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Instagram story inspiration

 I hope you’ve watched the short Instagram clip. It touched me this morning. Had me about ready to cry. 

  I was once a 16 year old that gave birth. Got pregnant at 15. Although I didn’t allow anyone to take my title from me. Yes,I was young. Yes, I had no idea what I was doing.Or how I was going to care for that child. Although I did what it was I had to do.

 And being young and misled I did it again 3 years later. And another six years  after that.

 This story had me in my feelings for a minute. Even though I was a child having to raise a child. My people was there but they weren't if that makes any sense.  just wouldn't consider myself although I was young not to be a mother.That's just a story for a different day. When I tell you it's deep I mean just that. I just rather not put anyone for they way they've held down the positions that they've held in my life.
By the grace of God I did it!
  I was literally about to shed tears watching this video. Although things are discombobulated right now. Things got done back then. And I am grateful.

  That now young man I had at 16 ;Is a 22 year old amazingly handsome intelligent young mart today. And the child I had three years later. At 19 years old smart mouth although equally intelligent beautiful young woman. And my baby boy another smart mouth individual became all of our baby. Is a 12 year old stubborn,smart hardworking(if you've met him or ever get to meet him you'd understand what I mean) young handsome boy(don't tell him I called him that.

Hopefully you get where I'm going with this. You never know who's story will touch you and have you thinking more about things you've experienced in life! I commend that young lady for telling her story. One day I'll go into full detail about mine.

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