Thursday, October 3, 2019

A Short Summed up Bio

   I had a child at a young age. The saying "looking for love in the wrong places"most definitely applied to me. I'd gotten pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16.  I had no real guidance.My mom and other family members were there to help but they weren’t. If that makes since.

  I would go into more details;I’d rather not tell anyone else story for them.

   My child’s father was there but he wasn’t doing as much as he should have. He was a little older than I was .So, he should have known better. By a few years not decades(for some reason I felt like I needed to clarify that). Please don't inquire on why I had another one by him three years later!

   I’ve worked from the age of 16 up until last year when I was taken out of work. I like having my own I enjoy making sure my kids have what it is they need.For the most part I've raised them on  my own. This year has been the most trying time of my life. I should have honestly said ours.

  I hate having to depend on other people. Dispise having to use the state. Or to ask people for help. Which is the position I am in at the moment.I’m not saying I don’t appreciate any help that I have received. Or am receiving. I'm so grateful for all the help I've received.. 

 I’d just love for people to realize that I’m not intentionally not working. That was never my goal in life. I'd rather go out and get it. If I felt like I could get back out there and give it my all I would be doing just that!

   In 2012 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It started with spasms. And then tingling in my toes and feet.Which led to me having paresthesia (I think that’s how it is  spelled). 

  Occasionally over the years I'd have the same symptoms(just not the paresthesia). But last year it had me taken out of work. After going back and forth to the hospital. Several different times, within a week or two ,I had paresthesia and was taken out of work.

 Which resulted in things being the way they are now.

 I truly have good days and bad days. Which I don't tend to speak about. I may speak to someone about my migraines and my knee at one point or another. Yet,I don't talk about they days when I have tingling in my hand and foot, or when I have weakness in my hand and foot,or when my body starts to spasm in random places(my toes,my calves,my back, or even in my hands and fingers)

Please don't make assumptions.Things work a lot better when you ask questions. I may look okay but I honestly am not. I ask this of everyone:Don't assume anything ask questions. 

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