Sunday, October 13, 2019

Loss of Motivation

As you all know; well I hope you know, I’ve started this blog ( as well as an Esty Shop( To have something to do with myself. This past year has been a trying time. For my family and I .With me not working and us all being separated.

  I know it’s going to take time. For me to benefit financially from both of these ventures. Although I didn’t think It would take as much time with the blog. Although it’s progressing slowly it is progressing. So, I won’t complain.

 Both of them were a risk. That I just had to take. They didn’t take much funds to acquire which was a plus with me not having any income. It gave mean option to show my creativity. In both cases. I hope to one day be a household name.
  I know I said I’d be putting more blogs out. And at the time I fully intended to do so. Depression has just put a hold  that for me. I’m attempting to get past that. So, please give me a little time? I’m going to get there. I lost my MoJo (motivation) for a minute.

  In the meantime, take a moment or to go through both my blog and my Etsy shop the links are listed above. And you can look for them in the featured post section of my blog. If the links above aren’t working.

  There’s also several different adds listed on my blog. I’m sure that they’d be something you’d be interested in looking into. Things like clothes, home goods, electronics, books, wedding &party supplies, and more.

 Keep an eye for my latest blog posts and my Esty post as well. Thank you to those of you that take the time out to support me on both of these ventures.

  I’d also like to ask have you had this issue? If so how’d you go about getting past it?

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