Saturday, October 19, 2019

My Latest Venture

 Some of you may know that I’ve been out of work for the past year. Due to a relapse from my Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve had so many people in my ear telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing. 

  Yet, they had no idea of what it was I was going through. Going through this I’d still attempt  to obtain part time work. 

 So, I started a YouTube channel ( search for MzLittlejohn) , a blog( ) ,and most recently creating Items to utilize my time You can find the items here ( ) .

 My family has been moved from one place to another several times over. I was told on several occasions to worry about myself.  Wondering how people fixed their mouths to say that. Being that I had three people depending on me. Well you could say four. Being as though my uncle was with us at one point as well. Two of my children are adults and in college. The other just hit his teens.

 How could I just not be concerned with them? As a parent that just had me baffled. I've always been the one to make sure they've been taken care of. And now I'm in a position to were all I can do is worry. How can I still make sure they're taken care of?

With no income and every one of us being seperated.

  After getting sick I was taken out of work. I'm doing a little better but not 100%. Yet, I’ve Still gone to several different interviews. Was told by some I couldn’t work for their companies because of my past criminal history(16 years ago). I was young and had no idea what  I was getting myself into at the time. Got hired at one and then was denied employment with them a few days later. After getting a schedule.

  I also got hired at a major company(I refuse to say the name) for a full-time job. Worked one day and my body just about shut down on me(As I was doing the job, I started getting to cramp in my calves and hands, and my famous migraines came into play as well). By the time I made it in the house I walked  in like a cowgirl (literally just like it sounds), started getting cramps in my feet, my stomach, and my back. The shower that I took after taking my medications did nothing to help with it. This lasted for a few days.

 Mind you that not including the cramping, spasms, tingling I get already. Things I rather not tell people because I don’t want to feel like I’m complaining(which led to people assuming I could get back out there into the workforce and give it all I had left). I appreciate those of you that take the time out to ask and not assume I’m okay. That’s what I mean when I said people had no idea of what I was going through.

 I'm not sure if this answers anyones questions o not. Please know that things change with health randomly

  Let’s just say that was the first and last day for me. I’m hurt because that was a pretty decent paying job. To have gotten after being taken out of my job before I was taken out.

   Which led me paying more attention to the adds I started seeing. On different social media channels. So, I could create and sell my own creations. Which led me to this blog post.

  It’s been a bit of a struggle trying to find content that I think would grasp the attention of readers as well as viewers. My youtube page and my blog hasn’t been getting much attention. I hope this change from here on out. I need my motivation back(see Loss of Motivation blog).

 My Etsy account would be to help me provide for my family. Due to me not being able to work the way I'd like to.

  I’m praying that you’ve made it this far. Please share, subscribe, follow, and click an ad or two! Heck check out my Etsy account while you're at it!Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog.

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