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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis with MzLittlejohn

It's hard to really explain. I'm not sure how i've endured this disease all of these years. I'd like to say maybe it was from the medication I'd been prescribed. Or maybe me not being as stressed out as I am now in life. I've been living with this since 2012. It would be nice to say it gets easier with time. Yet, that would not be a true statement. Some days are easier than others. Initially it was paresthesias that led my doctor to look further into my health.
I'm sure you're wondering what that is. Heck, I was too. I know now and didn't experience it again until last year. When I was taken out of work because of my hospitalization. Then everything seemed to go down hill. Because of this i've losst a friend, my home, my car, as well as primary custody of my child.
This by far is the most difficult time in my life. And at times I feel like I lose faith, and want to give up on everything. But my oldest children are what help me keep pushing. How can I continue to push them to continue something (college) if i'm not trying.
And try to teach them to never give up on something that they want in life. As well as the fact that having just a high school education won't get them far in life. Hopefully what worked on them, will work on their youngest brother as well.
Trying to instill those qualities in them has gotten me a senior at UConn (video game design major), and an almost-sophomore at Monroe College (information technology). I am so proud of my children for putting effort into defeating the odds most kids in our community don't get through.
I originally started posting these on Vocal Media. Due to how their payout systems work I decided to just go ahead and post all of my work on her. Once I do that I’ll be deactivating that account.So, if you familiar with that and would like to make a donation the top of this page has my cashapp and PayPal information.
I'm grateful that, aside from our circumstances, they pushed forward and continued! Proud, is literally an understatement. I had my share of college, and because I was just diagnosed, trying to work a full time job, as well as take care of three children, was overwhelming.
As well as me being in what I assumed was a committed relationship. Yet, I seemed to be the only one in the relationship, and was putting more effort in than he was.
The smartest thing I've probably ever done was walk away. With everything I had going through, that was too much. I think that was a really stressful time in my life. Honestly I think that is what started my original flare ups.
Currently i'm in-between every thing I have going on: living house to house, having no income (I was denied disability, and am awaiting decision from the appeal), and not having all of my children around me. I'm still holding on though, by a very thin limb, and it's hard, but i'm doing so.
This is my very first time doing something like this. I'm not sure if it would get many views. Or if it will help anyone for that matter. I'm praying it does, and hoping that this helps me as well (mentally and financially, because lord knows I need it to be beneficial in some type of way).
Maybe by the next article i'll have my own space. Because this living house to house, with people over my shoulder; i'm totally over. I guess it beats living in a shelter, or the streets completely. This is just a way for me to vent, try to help others, and again gain money to help me help my family.
So please take time to share this with your friends.
This is the first of hopefully many stories written by MzLittlejohn.

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