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Saturday, August 8, 2020

I've lost my Focal Point

                     I think I'm back now

I'm amazed that  It has taken me all of this time to notice. 

 I've literally been all over the place. Trying to jump from one thing to the other. Trying to keep myself sane throughout this chaotic storm that has been my life.
 From my health deteriorating, to income be snatched away, my kids being separated. Not that thing have gotten better at all!!

 Trying to get help with keeping my things after the moving( I still appreciate all of the help from those of you that did help us!) .

    And trying to obtain other forms of income while applying for disability. And getting saga which is way beyond what I’m used to getting.

 And then anxiety and depression kicking in. Along with everything that comes with the Multiple Sclerosis. My focal point was lost. 
 And because of me being on an app I won’t name at the moment. Being asked a questions about my best creative  content thus far; it made me remember. That I needed to get back to we I had started and why. 

And my most popular Blog came into play. Check my archives if you can. Oh our and good old friend insomnia popped in that night as well uuuggghh. 

  With that being said I needed that reminder to get back on the ball. I’m going to readjust and realign some things.

 And more than likely utilize that microphone that I purchased(that I purchases for my failed attempt at voice over work). And record myself making some of them( the blogs, YouTube videos ,and other social media content).

 I will still share inspirational post and videos along the way. 

And as I stated there will be another Blog and hopefully a video next week as well!

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