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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/ It's Been a while


As you all can see I have been all over the place. Trying more or less not to blog about what has been going on; and in some cases unable to. Although I have been making tiktoks videos as well as Instagram videos here and there ( links are on the side on the web version, or you can look for me at mzlittlejohn001). 

 The other day 11/23 I had an appointment with pain management. Which resulted in me figuring out they've basically been overlooking my MRI's .And quite frankly I'm am very fed up with them about it.

    I shouldn't have had to go to her to find out this information. To be sent to another specialist.  When I've been seeing these other doctors before her multiple times. 

  I mean It's not going to handle everything. That I'm sure of; I do know most of this probably could've been avoided. And I'm bothered by that.

 It had me ready to call my therapist.

Thank god for Essential Oils 

And my Diffuser

so I didn't end up having to contact her. With those I was able to avoid it. Although I'm still annoyed by them ignoring me results. We’ll get to it from here I guess.


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