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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/Hard being Transparent

   Starting out with this blog. I didn’t think it was going to be as  Hard Being Transparent. Now that I’ve gotten this far along; it has become more of a struggle for me to share. 

Funny that it’s taken me this long to say that right?

  Maybe because I assumed that I’d make it past my age. With  at least not many issues. I’ll get the courage to share more eventually. Being that I’m not going to much into detail.

I needed to take a short break because I started getting flooded with bad news. As my body continued to break down.
  I’m typing this with one finger on my phone.Praying that I don’t get any any symptoms before I get too far into this.  I wanted to share as much as I can. At least before any symptoms began.
As you all are aware I started the new treatment. And I continued to have the same issues I had while I was on the last treatment. Throughout that time a few new symptoms popped up. 
 And I now have to see two more; oops three more specialists. 

And I’m still not in my own spot on top of it. So, I needed moment. At this point there may be a lot those moments). Please hang in there with me. There will be more content eventually.

As well as a videos)Even though you guys don’t look at them for some reason or another(I can take constructive criticism). 
I’d rather make those at this point and put them on here.

Let me know what you guys think. I changed a few things around as well. 

FYI: I took the ads off because they weren’t beneficial or me. No one was clicking on them. So, it was not doing anything to help me. I need something that is going to help me now. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Try To be Better at Understanding a Person with a Disability

  It's hard enough for the individual with a disability already. So, for them to try to explain things to you ; and you to brush them off and act as though you don't care is heartbreaking.

  Please don't tell them what someone else is going through. Nor what it is they are doing. I'm sure they wish they could be in that person's position. Or something close to it.

 I'm typing this because I've tried different groups online years ago. and I didn't like how it was going. And per my therapist, I tried again. Upon doing so I realized that just like we could go in and get support, our friends and family members can too, and in some cases should.

  To get a better understanding of what it is our diagnosis entails. And I don't mean just for multiple sclerosis. There are different types of groups out there for everything.

 You just have to research and find the right ones. And I urge you guys to do so to get a better understanding of what it is your friends and family members are going through.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Some Doctors Really Don't Listen

 For the past few months, I've been complaining about pain. And I have not been able to see any of my regular doctors. Only after making a complaint was I able to have them get in direct contact with my neurologists.

  And he's a little bit older now. So, I think I may have to start looking into getting a new one. Being that all of the last few appointments he's only been consulting via phone.

 My primary doctor hasn't been in at all. And they've had another doctor stand-in. And I automatically didn't like his vibes. Being that I could tell he hadn't even looked into my files. 

  Offering me some meds without even taking into consideration that I have a therapist. And has offered me psych meds several times. Like, don't you think of have maybe been prescribed them by her if I’d needed them already?

 Then I've been describing my pain to him over time and he's been kind of overlooking it. 

  Now I know I have never allergies to certain things. As a doctor, if he's unsure about what to prescribe me; shouldn't he be trying to refer me to someone else? Instead of telling me he couldn't because my Neurologist had given me something else. but had only given me enough to last to my last appointment.

An appointment that the messed up and had to reschedule. A month out mind you. Only to tell me to make an appointment with him for him to still ignore my issue.

 And then give me a referral to pain management after me emailing them about their incompetence. Which still resulted in me not getting in pain medication.

 At this point, I see why some people's health goes down the drain. And it a very scary site! 

 Have you experienced this? What do you recommend? Do you find doctors by word of mouth or your own research? 

  I really need help with this. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. And also don't forget to follow me!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I Feel like I take so many Medications

                                I'm Sorry It took me so long to get this out there. 

                              I've just been going through a lot with these relapses.

         Although I'm sure there are people that take way more! I just feel like I take too many.


 This was the original thing I wanted to blog about for the past few weeks or so. My body has been having what's considered a relapses they've been preventing me from doing so. And I was giving yet another medication. Which helped at the time. Yet, at right now I'm not so sure being that there's still other issues going on 😢.

  With that being said I don't take as much medications now but I still take enough. Which is why I’m not taking as many now( no vitamins😕).

 Now I take 5 sometimes 6 (if I’m in pain)prescribed medications(pills) and two different prescribed eye drops )in the morning. As well as 2 allergy pills. In the afternoon I take 3 prescribed pills. In the evening I take 5 prescribed pills. Three days out of 7 I have to give myself a needle(I really hate this part).

And I was taking vitamins on top of it. Yet, I ran out of them since I originally started this. So, it doesn't seem like as much now. If you all have been keeping up;you know the only income I have at the moment is saga, which is literally only $219 a month, I can barely afford to survive as it is. 

  I was only able to get the vitamins when I got my stimulus check. And I didn't purchase enough to last a long period of time. 

 If I had the vitamins in the mornings it would be two more. Being that I’ve ran out I haven’t been taking them. There's also another 2 maybe 3 that I didn’t even lost; being that they’re as needed. One I may take more than the others.

 I didn't  go into the names of all of them and the dosages. Being that I'd probably be here all day. Trying to explain them all , and what they are for.

 I'm sure it sounds like I'm complaining. It just tends to get overwhelming at times. I just had to get that off of my chest.

Yes, it took me forever to get this out. Blame the relapses 😂.

Do you take a lot of medications? Or not a lot at all?What are you thoughts on this? 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comment section. And Please don't forget to follow and share this blog! It would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Re-edit /Surviving Multiple Sclerosis with Mzlittlejohn

How can people expect for you to open up to them about your feelings? When you speak to most people about them, they just start telling you about theirs, or what you should be doing. Most times it’s after you’ve exhausted almost all of your options. What I've been doing lately is writing about them.
If people take the time out to read my writings, they’d understand them better. With the things I have been going through ;although I feel it’s embarrassing, and people are looking at me differently ;this just works better.
I am at the point in my life where I can care less about how people feel. It's initially not for them, it's for me. And it actually helps me get it out. No interruptions, or hearing other peoples thoughts, or what they would do. 
I have to deal with the people telling me no. I have to deal with being sent to different programs. I have to deal with my children no longer having stability ;as well as not having an income, staying with other people, and not knowing if tomorrow will be the day that I’m told I have to leave.
Or having a conversation and seeing something that triggers my tears. Yes, I have those days. Days that I’d just rather be alone with my thoughts. Of Course there is some when I don’t need to be alone.
A lot of times that is my only option. Because right now I am not at liberty to have that option.
One day I’ll get back to not having to result to this. And maybe have conversations with someone who understands.
As of right now, it cannot be done. Especially if when have moments where I have to bite my tongue. Or end up with the conversation being about them or someone else and not me.
As of right now, the conversation's about my feelings. Lets just stick to it being written, typed, and maybe in one of my latest YouTube videos. Heck at the moment, it’s here. And will probably end up back here again.
Because trying to obtain followers on my YouTube page at the moment isn’t getting far. I’m not funny, refuse to do crazy stuff, and just have not quite found my niche with that.
At the moment, there aren't that many videos on there. Currently I’m at a stand still when it comes to what I’d like to talk about. The video I posted before the last was on trying to obtain voice over work. Can you believe they want you to pay upfront to find work? I mean if I had money, I wouldn't t be trying to pay them for work.
I wonder if I pay them, does it guarantee me jobs? Or leads or whatever they consider it? I’m afraid it’ll be a waste of time anyway.
I am not in no way saying that I am no longer interested. In fact I’m still trying to get around having to pay. I’m broke, can you blame me?
If you've gotten this far thank you. I’d say thanks for reading  this far. You're reading this piece written be me. And it is much appreciated. Since this seems to be the best way for me to get my feelings out; there will be more eventually. How often? That is what I’m not to sure about.
Check out my my YouTube page as. The links should be available here( on the left of the web version of this site. 
Please don't hesitate to comment. And follow this blog (again on the left of the web version of this page).

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blog and Video Update

Something else got in the way in regard to my health. I will be posting a video. It will be posted by the end of next week. I did start on the blog( honestly I started it two weeks ago). So, I will try to edit it soon. Please bear with me! Keep me in your prayers  I'm trying. My health is just getting in the way. The relapse part of the multiple sclerosis is definitely getting real at this point!

check out this  TikTok video for an update for now 


Monday, June 8, 2020

Still Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

I saw this on @multipleclerosisupport on Instagram;And I had to share this with a little story of my own.   People  assume because I look okay some days I’m I’m not really as sick as I presume to be that I’m fine. Not knowing that there is days that I have were I fight to push through fatigue. Or about my spasms that I have every few days. Or the migraines that I take pills for daily. 
 Remember as in most cases looks can be deceiving. Take into consideration your words and actions can do a lot to a person’s mental health with what they’re already going through as well.

  If you’re going through something similar drop a comment describing it, and what you do to deal with it! 
I have a therapist myself and I use aromatherapy.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Facebook Post Turned Blog Post

   This particular post was for Facebook. And I thought no, a blog post would be better for this : Well the part that’s on the bottom anyway . My children have gone through a lot with me this last year.The last few years I should say.Although this past year has been the hardest on us.From my Multiple Sclerosis being more progressive.
 Yet, they’ve been holding it down.And this is their proof. They really brag different. With a few bumps here and there. I will still commend them.Keep up the good work you guys!

  I Woke up thinking the end of the this spring semester : I will have a 2020 Middle school graduate,a 2020 College graduate( Bachelors degree), and a Sophomore (let that marinate), even though we’ve been through a lot throughout the last few years, pushing past our adversities. God is seeing favor. And we’ll continue to push for a 2024 High School graduate & College graduate as well.This I’m speaking into existence!

Friday, December 20, 2019

It really does get greater later

    The other day I had to stop at the bank. Being that I misplaced my debit card. I sat for about ten minutes before I was helped. And was finished within another ten minutes.

  After sitting with the bank teller and handling my business; I was told that I needed to activate the card. So,I had to wait for someone to finish their transaction. I'm still trying to figure out why it took him so long(even though it isn't my business).

 This man I used see at the coffee shop came in(because yall know I'm broke). A man I only assumed was homeless. Started talking to me as I waited. 

  He started to tell me how he'd seen someone come into cvs in a wheelchair. And at the moment he knew he should be complaining. Because unlike that person he still had the use of his legs.

Had me thinking of my own situation and saying the same thing.

  I've only spoke to this man in passing over the years. I never took the time out to converse with him at all. During our talk I found out his name was Kenny.

  Mind you I'm still waiting for the individual at the atm to finish. He tells me how he used to be homeless and was at one point a hobo. And when people think it's okay to stay in abandoned buildings; the owners could call and have them removed from the property even if the building isn't being used by them.

  At which point the person using the atm was finished. Kenny waited patiently for me to finish. And then asked me to buy him a coffee. I feel bad that I had to tell him I couldn't.

 Thinking maybe I should've told him why I was getting a new card. That someone was nice enough to gift me money to purchase a book from a three part series. And I was only getting a new card at the moment because of that.

        I said all of that to say that Kenny gave me a new perspective. Although I have the issues going in my life and health that it could be worst.

 I'm still around to try and make things better.  I'm still around to work on my health. I'm also still able to utilize my limbs. Things will eventually come together.

 It does get greater later. 
Thank you for reading my blog. Please subscribe or follow,shop,and share my blog!


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Just about everyone as a problem/problems

    Yes, everyone has problems. Some may be similar but they aren't always the same. The paths we're on are always different. Either way please know you are not alone!
   Like mine for instance I have been living from house to house. Applying  for housing when I can. Since my health declined, I've stayed in three different homes, that's including were I currently am.

   I can and am applying for part time work. My circumstances continue to get in the way of that. Me not having a vehicle. And currently only being able to try and pick up 20 hours of work. Being that I'm still waiting for disability. And let me not forget the part were I need money to get back and fourth to work. Also possibly having to take time off of the job because of my health.
  Again as I type this I'm almost in tears. Because like I've said and will continue to say(I hate asking people for help). So, before you assume it's not the case. I've worked since I was 16 years old. Me not being able to contribute to at least having a roof over my head and to pay the few bills I have bothers me badly.

  I haven't had to depend on anyone since before that.To have people throw it back in my face later on. Or to lose friends and family relationships over this is really devastating.

 Currently I have three bills my storage, cellphone, and my credit card bill. I initially started a gofundme to pay for two of them(I'd really be grateful to pay them off for a couple of months). And If my oldest didn't get his paid internship I'd probably would've lost my cellphone access, my things in storage, and would be owing way more than what I do on my credit card bill.

   He's agreed to take care of the cellphone bill. Yet, doesn't like the fact that he's obligated to take on the storage and now the credit card bill as well. So, I'm still compelled to ask for donations to cover just the storage. With help from some people(that I am beyond appreciative for the help they've given us)we've managed to get them paid thus far. I'm not sure how much more help I'll be able to get.I pray people will continue to try and help.

  I'm still asking for help because that's not his responsibility. Although I'm grateful he's able to help were he has/can.Or click on and ad or two on here and maybe make a purchase I'd be able to do it myself.

  With that being said there's people that need less help and there's people that need more. I've seen that in groups and on the news.

 On one of the new stations(local) I saw that there was people that needed help getting elevator fixed. Which I pray to god that they've gotten it fixed. The week prior a man passed away after not being able to get out for  whatever his condition was.

  On Facebook(in the same groups I was complaining about) I'm seeing people needing help with food, light bills,hospital bills, and more. Now I've also seen a few request that were just flat out inconsiderate. I'm going to refrain from explaining in detail. Just know I really wanted to ask;why/how they could even put some of that stuff up/out there?

 I am in no way trying to downplay another persons needs/wants. I just wish they'd be considerate about the things they're asking for.

    Everybody has problems. It's what you do in those times of dire need that makes all of the difference. I'm trying to work my way out of this. Praying and a few tears shed along the way. It'll never be how it was but it will get better. That's for those of you that have problems as well. Continue to pray and push forward!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

We need to take better care of ourselves

  I noticed there’s a lot of people don’t go to the doctors often. Unless they’re sick.  Sometimes they go when its a little too late. Which is not a good thing at all.

 I’m saying this because I’d like people to get on top of it. Schedule regular medical appointments.Follow up and stay on top of things.

  Myself included. I know I have a tendency to ignore things that are going on with my body. I really hate having to go to the doctors. There's almost always something to be concerned about afterwards.For me it is anyway.

 With family members that having major health issues: It should automatically push you to get your health checked out.

 During a few of my regular appointments after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; I found out that I had two other  health issues. One regarding my heart the other is my Thyroids.

 So, I'm constantly going to medical appointments. Every three months, six months, yearly, and sometimes in-between I have appointments scheduled. I have a primary doctor(even though I'm about to replace him), heart doctor, an endocrinologist,as well as and obgyn. I'd just rather be aware of whats going on.

 I'm just putting this out there to say don't wait until it's too late. Some things  can be treated.  There's also some things can't be treated. But it's easier to try and manage it when you know. Take care of your body! I don't care if it's just a slight cough or a runny nose. Sometimes it's not just a cough or runny nose.

 We also need to try different ways to eat healthier. I know it's easier said than done. Fruits and vegetables can be a little expensive. Now that the weather has changed up lets start looking into the farmers market prices. Heck or even find the closes farm available. And drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

  This has been on my mind for the last few weeks. I was unsure of how to go about writing about it. I hope you guys take what I am saying into consideration. Take better care of yourselves.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This is week was a good week

 Health wise this was a great one. I had a migraine here and there. My migraine pills work most times. Other times I have to take Motrin or Aleve  to ease them. I actually just took two Aleve pills.
   It would probably be nice if I could take Tylenol like most people. Having allergies to certain stuff really sucks.   I'm just happy I don't have to walk around with an Epipen like a lot of people.

 Those of you that do make sure you always have it on hand.  Although last week I woke up with hives. And I have no idea what caused it. I kind of wish I had one then.I sure took them Benadryl  pills as fast as I could. The children's Benadryl would have worked even faster. There's no little babies around us so that was a no go.
 I think this particular migraine is caused by me stressing. I have bills that I can't afford to pay. So i'm concerned with how that going to get done. As well as i'm searching for something at the moment that I'd rather not talk about.

I mean you guys already know some of the things i'm searching for (housing, part time job, and how i'm going to keep this storage and phone bill paid). This is just something I'd rather not disclose at the moment.

  I have been applying for jobs. I'm either nowhere near the location. Or don't have a qualification or two they they're requiring. I wish I hadn't been denied my med card. Otherwise I'd be burning the road down in somebody's bus or company vehicle.

  Me driving for a living was kind of relaxing at times. When I was able to site see. And not have to focus so hard on the road and directions. And when I got lost lol. That's what my aunt and I act as though was a game. Even when we were really lost a couple times.

Anyway this migraine is still not easing up.  Even after me taking the Aleve. I'll try to write again later on this week. I just figured I'd come with an article today instead of more pictures and videos. Hopefully you all are or have enjoyed your day!