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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Afraid To Speak Up

   My doctor asked me what was going on with my health the other day.
 I spoke about the regular stuff Like the tingling, numbness, migraines,and even almost falling. yet, when it came to stuff that he almost new I was going through, I started crying. 
After all of these years I'm embarrassed.  Embarrassed to explain things that they knew i'd start experiencing. I'm not sure if it's because of the fact that I'm going through it;or because of me being so young and going through it, either way it bothered me.
  Which was yet another breakdown I've had in that doctors office in like a two months time period. I'm sure they're tired of me already.

  With that being said I forgot to tell my therapist about that. When I was trying to rush her off of the phone the other day.

 I haven't updated on here in a while because I'm kind of stressed out. I still don't have any finances.Got denied from disability once again and I am so confused about what to do. 

  Blogging has been the last thing on my mind.On top of The spasm getting in the way at times too. Please keep me in your prayers. And also if you'd like to help me out in any way;The links for cashapp and paypal are available on the regular web(i'm not sure about the mobile ).I'll Look into it another time.
Please have a blessed day!  

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Getting Closer to the Were I Need to Be

Hello Hello Hello!
    It’s been a little while since I’ve typed up a blog. 

When this Covid19 came about, I started having real bad anxiety, which cut into my creativity. Which I know I shouldn’t have allowed; but it happen, and I’m working through it.
 I’ve been thinking long and hard about what it was I wanted to come back with.  And thanks to a very good friend of mind I figured it out. 

  And I’d like to first say thank you to him. Yes, him and no he’s not a boyfriend and has never been one. Let me start by clarifying that first. We grew up together and he’s actually one of the few people I can really consider a friend/ family!

 Anyway I’ve applied for disability in October of 2018. I got denied. Then had a reconsideration and got denied for that. And I was finally able to get a hearing. 
 Mind you up until a few months ago I had no income. And I’m living off of $219 + food stamps(don’t ask how I’ve been doing it I’m still not sure). If it wasn’t for my family and a few friends(Thank you guys again!)I don’t know how I’d be getting by. I truly thank the man above for them!

 I believe the hearing went well. Although there were moments that I was a little skeptical. I’m hopeful that it’ll turn out for the best. 

 Now I have 30 days to get them paperwork from my therapist. And I pray the final decision won’t take that long after.

  Yes, I see a therapist. I’ve been seeing her for a few months now and she’s the bomb!  I’m not sure I’d have been able to get past these anxiety attacks without her.

  With that being said keep me in your prayers. As I am doing the same for you all!  Hopefully I’ll be back sooner with more content. And thanks again my friend for the push. I appreciate it!