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Thursday, May 21, 2020

I’m so proud of Our Graduate

In 2011 my dad took my kids on a trip to University of Connecticut. We  had no clue that would be the place one of them would end up going to school.Look at how young they were.

This photo is from five years ago. The start of his Journey. I was smiling yet I was nervous. I swear I didn't really want him to go. Although. I was okay knowing that he was still close to me. 
 I remember literally arguing with him:because he wanted to go to school clear across the county just about,  I think it Arizona, Florida,and and I wanna say California. 

Eventually setting his sites on the Bachelor of Arts Program at the University of Connecticut.Which we were okay with. Bring that he was much closer. And he was very interested in the Digital Media and Design Program that they had.

The last one is the best one yet .This is his/our final year. Yes,our because we got through this together. No graduation picture(no barber or Graduation 👨‍🎓 ). Thanks to this Pandemic!You guys will get one when this over(a Graduation picture that is) . 

To sum this all up he is a 2020 Graduate from the University Of Connecticut  Undergraduate With a Bachelors Degree  Digital Media and Design Major Web/Interactive Media Design Concentration.

Congratulations : Mr. Juwan G.Dumas

(I chose to use this photo because it was taken on one of his recent adventures;and he wasn't as serious)

Update: If you’d like to send him a monetary gift for his accomplishment his cashapp is $CydCt

Being that there wasn’t a traditional Graduation celebration due to this pandemic. I see that other people are making their information available. So, I’m making his available as well. Thank you in advance!


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Facebook Post Turned Blog Post

   This particular post was for Facebook. And I thought no, a blog post would be better for this : Well the part that’s on the bottom anyway . My children have gone through a lot with me this last year.The last few years I should say.Although this past year has been the hardest on us.From my Multiple Sclerosis being more progressive.
 Yet, they’ve been holding it down.And this is their proof. They really brag different. With a few bumps here and there. I will still commend them.Keep up the good work you guys!

  I Woke up thinking the end of the this spring semester : I will have a 2020 Middle school graduate,a 2020 College graduate( Bachelors degree), and a Sophomore (let that marinate), even though we’ve been through a lot throughout the last few years, pushing past our adversities. God is seeing favor. And we’ll continue to push for a 2024 High School graduate & College graduate as well.This I’m speaking into existence!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Am I momming Right

 Yes, I said that. I’m not sure if that’s a word or not. Quit frankly I don’t care. I’m laughing as I type this.
  For the past few days my youngest child has been calling me. Every morning and every other night. Asking why he has to go to school this last few days. I guess dad really didn’t want to be bothered so he threw it off on me.
   Even after explaining to him that he needs his education. I’m told they’re not doing much work. I didn’t make my two oldest go on the last days. He’s not going to have a lot of time to enjoy his summer. I still stand by him needing to go his self to school.
  Of course, he’s not trying to hear it. And now I’m about to be blocked from calling his phone. I’m annoying, childish, and last but not least I am the worst.
  He has no idea that this type of things go into his school record. Nor that he’s actually hurting my feelings. I’m sure he probably doesn’t even care.
 It has me thinking am I the annoying and childish mom? And then I remember as a mom that’s not for me to really care about. That’s on him.
  When he gets older. Around or maybe even older this his adult siblings he’ll understand. I’m almost positive at one point or another they felt the same way.
 I’m not here for him to like me or to be his friend. I’m here to listen and try my best to guide him in the right direction. So, I guess in a way I am momming right! Are you?

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Perseverance even in the worst time of our lives

       Aside from everything My family has going on;My kids continue to strive for greatness. That is one of the greatest gifts they could give me. They continued to push forward even during these stressful  times. They are the best and even when rocking with me throughout my struggles they're doing their thing!
   Even though they've all wanted to give up a time or two. If you guys could have been a fly on a wall during these conversations. I swear you guys would've cried and laughed with me. That's exactly what they've made me do at times.

 The youngest one included. The oldest two's situations were understandable. Both are in college one in the first year (MonroeCollege) the other on Senior( Uconn).
 My youngest is just lazy when it comes to his education. He'd rather try and go to work with his dad instead. He's not like that when it comes to working. That boy will make sure you have all of the supplies needed for the job. Most like how much they cost,were you can get them,and the price of him going to get them as well. As well as get the job done as perfectly as he can. Just make sure you have his money available as soon as he's done.

  I said all of that to say , I'm happy that us pushing the difference between an educated individual, and an uneducated individual trying to get money. Most times with just a high school diploma getting a decent paying job can be a challenge. Not saying the same can't be said for some people with college degree's. Either way the difference was noticed.

   I'm grateful that they took heed to the words that where spoke to the. And they are continuing to push forward. The littlest one as well. Even though he's just in middle school.
   Speak about greatness to your children. Ask about their thoughts and their dreams. Pay attention to the things they like to do. Make suggestions about things they could do around o in those fields.
  Perseverance can make a difference in anyone's life!