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Showing posts with label beautiful. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Recent Photo I Took

          Things haven't been going well for me. And I wanted to share something with you all. 

 I thought this was a beautiful photo and I wanted to share it. I have A lot going on right now. 
  If you follow me on any of my other platforms you may know what is going on. 

    If not please go there for now (social media contact links). And I will share on here later. 
          Please and thank you. I hope you all enjoy this photo!


Friday, September 27, 2019


  While driving my daughter to and from work(9/26);I constantly express how much I love a good sunrise /sunset. Being that I’m the driver I could never catch it. 

Thanks to my older cousin.I learned to appreciate things like that.

 Today while I was driving she caught it for me. I’m so appreciative of this jester I had to share it! She didn’t tell me she did it either. Just randomly sent them to me.

   I hope you can appreciate these as much as I do! These are of the sunset.Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to get a sunrise or two out of her one day.