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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blog and Video Update

Something else got in the way in regard to my health. I will be posting a video. It will be posted by the end of next week. I did start on the blog( honestly I started it two weeks ago). So, I will try to edit it soon. Please bear with me! Keep me in your prayers  I'm trying. My health is just getting in the way. The relapse part of the multiple sclerosis is definitely getting real at this point!

check out this  TikTok video for an update for now 


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

Black History Fact/Sojourner Truth

                                      Sojourner Truth

Click the link for more information on one of the pioneers for woman’s civil rights.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

It's Been A Little While

    Writing just hasn’t been one of my priorities. With it being the holiday season  and things not being the same. Some of you may know what’s been going on. And a lot of you don’t.
   My multiple Sclerosis has been messing with me. And I am still not working. Which I why I stated things aren’t the same. No money no gifts from me at least.

          If you get a chance look through my past blogs and you’d probably get a better understanding.
 Most recently I’ve developed random weird pains. I could be sitting, standing, or laying down and I’d get sharp pain lasting for a minute or more. That started out in my foot. Then went to my wrists. And last but not least my knees that I already have osteoarthritis in.

With funds being like they have been ; I’m unable to do what I’d like for my kids.

 I guess you could say that has me in my feelings. And I’d just rather not speak or write about it.

   I started typing this about two weeks ago. Thinking I’d get back to it. Only to get on my PC and realize that I didn’t save what I had. So, this is what you guys are going to get from me at the moment.
  The funny part about it is. I was in one of my favorite authors reading groups. Trying to catch up on the latest tea; with that publishing company that I will not name. Only to find out one of the final  books in the serious I have been waiting on; will only be coming out in a hard copy. I use kindle unlimited (it works for my broke pockets).
  Any who I randomly asked if someone would gift me a copy. And aside from a comment from the Author( which was funny but understanding if you keep up); I got a response from another reader gifting me the funds. Which I swear changed my whole mood.

 It got me out of my funk a little and it led me here. Which I’m grateful for . And I hope you all are as well. Well those of you that keep up.

 I appreciate those of you that take the time out to read my blogs. And hope if you have the chance you’d subscribe or follow, shop, and share!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I had to take a step back

  I've been overwhelmed with everything I have going on. So,I needed some time to gather my thoughts. Things still aren't as they should be.
  We're still seperated and staying with other people. My health still isn't 100%. And I'm still upset because: for some reason I can't get and keep at least a part time job. 

  My past has literally came back to bite me in the(You know what). From when I was young and didn't know any better. 

   I hate that they're using it against me.Mind you I've have several jobs since then. Jobs I've held on to for years. In healthcare and most recently in transportation.
 People change ,and I hate that they're aren't thinking about that, when they're making  the decisions to not employ me. I'm a responsible hardworking individual when I can.
 Which i'm sure my past jobs and vouch for.

 I have a lot of things that need to be done. Yet,me not having a income henders everything. And quite frankly I'm over this.

 My blog content not being update is because of that.
 I apologize to those that do follow this blog,instagram,twitter,and facebook. I'm most definitely coming with more. Please bare with me.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Perseverance even in the worst time of our lives

       Aside from everything My family has going on;My kids continue to strive for greatness. That is one of the greatest gifts they could give me. They continued to push forward even during these stressful  times. They are the best and even when rocking with me throughout my struggles they're doing their thing!
   Even though they've all wanted to give up a time or two. If you guys could have been a fly on a wall during these conversations. I swear you guys would've cried and laughed with me. That's exactly what they've made me do at times.

 The youngest one included. The oldest two's situations were understandable. Both are in college one in the first year (MonroeCollege) the other on Senior( Uconn).
 My youngest is just lazy when it comes to his education. He'd rather try and go to work with his dad instead. He's not like that when it comes to working. That boy will make sure you have all of the supplies needed for the job. Most like how much they cost,were you can get them,and the price of him going to get them as well. As well as get the job done as perfectly as he can. Just make sure you have his money available as soon as he's done.

  I said all of that to say , I'm happy that us pushing the difference between an educated individual, and an uneducated individual trying to get money. Most times with just a high school diploma getting a decent paying job can be a challenge. Not saying the same can't be said for some people with college degree's. Either way the difference was noticed.

   I'm grateful that they took heed to the words that where spoke to the. And they are continuing to push forward. The littlest one as well. Even though he's just in middle school.
   Speak about greatness to your children. Ask about their thoughts and their dreams. Pay attention to the things they like to do. Make suggestions about things they could do around o in those fields.
  Perseverance can make a difference in anyone's life!