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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

We Finally Got A Place

  I wanted to share this with you all. Since I've Been MIA mainly due to my depression. There has also been a ton of doctor appointments,  Ms physical therapy, as well as therapy appointments in-between there as well. I think you guys deserve to know that I wasn't not doing anything at all. I never gave up on trying to find a place of my own. Being that throughout everything that I've had going on; Since I've started my blogging journey mainly started because of my health not being able to work, not having an income, nor a place of my own.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I Feel like I take so many Medications

                                I'm Sorry It took me so long to get this out there. 

                              I've just been going through a lot with these relapses.

         Although I'm sure there are people that take way more! I just feel like I take too many.


 This was the original thing I wanted to blog about for the past few weeks or so. My body has been having what's considered a relapses they've been preventing me from doing so. And I was giving yet another medication. Which helped at the time. Yet, at right now I'm not so sure being that there's still other issues going on 😢.

  With that being said I don't take as much medications now but I still take enough. Which is why I’m not taking as many now( no vitamins😕).

 Now I take 5 sometimes 6 (if I’m in pain)prescribed medications(pills) and two different prescribed eye drops )in the morning. As well as 2 allergy pills. In the afternoon I take 3 prescribed pills. In the evening I take 5 prescribed pills. Three days out of 7 I have to give myself a needle(I really hate this part).

And I was taking vitamins on top of it. Yet, I ran out of them since I originally started this. So, it doesn't seem like as much now. If you all have been keeping up;you know the only income I have at the moment is saga, which is literally only $219 a month, I can barely afford to survive as it is. 

  I was only able to get the vitamins when I got my stimulus check. And I didn't purchase enough to last a long period of time. 

 If I had the vitamins in the mornings it would be two more. Being that I’ve ran out I haven’t been taking them. There's also another 2 maybe 3 that I didn’t even lost; being that they’re as needed. One I may take more than the others.

 I didn't  go into the names of all of them and the dosages. Being that I'd probably be here all day. Trying to explain them all , and what they are for.

 I'm sure it sounds like I'm complaining. It just tends to get overwhelming at times. I just had to get that off of my chest.

Yes, it took me forever to get this out. Blame the relapses 😂.

Do you take a lot of medications? Or not a lot at all?What are you thoughts on this? 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comment section. And Please don't forget to follow and share this blog! It would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Perseverance even in the worst time of our lives

       Aside from everything My family has going on;My kids continue to strive for greatness. That is one of the greatest gifts they could give me. They continued to push forward even during these stressful  times. They are the best and even when rocking with me throughout my struggles they're doing their thing!
   Even though they've all wanted to give up a time or two. If you guys could have been a fly on a wall during these conversations. I swear you guys would've cried and laughed with me. That's exactly what they've made me do at times.

 The youngest one included. The oldest two's situations were understandable. Both are in college one in the first year (MonroeCollege) the other on Senior( Uconn).
 My youngest is just lazy when it comes to his education. He'd rather try and go to work with his dad instead. He's not like that when it comes to working. That boy will make sure you have all of the supplies needed for the job. Most like how much they cost,were you can get them,and the price of him going to get them as well. As well as get the job done as perfectly as he can. Just make sure you have his money available as soon as he's done.

  I said all of that to say , I'm happy that us pushing the difference between an educated individual, and an uneducated individual trying to get money. Most times with just a high school diploma getting a decent paying job can be a challenge. Not saying the same can't be said for some people with college degree's. Either way the difference was noticed.

   I'm grateful that they took heed to the words that where spoke to the. And they are continuing to push forward. The littlest one as well. Even though he's just in middle school.
   Speak about greatness to your children. Ask about their thoughts and their dreams. Pay attention to the things they like to do. Make suggestions about things they could do around o in those fields.
  Perseverance can make a difference in anyone's life!