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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

My Convos Pitch/ For a Non Profit company

 A couple of weeks ago I started and account an Convoz. In hopes of winning $25,000 for a start up. My Convoz pitch was to start a non profit for people with Multiple Sclerosis or other life altering health issues. To help with keeping a roof over their heads or maybe even help with paying bills with proof.
   After doing the first few videos  I stopped putting videos on there.Upon doing a little bit of research on the subject I gave up. I didn't realized that it's a little more legwork to do so. Than it is to start a regular company. I know because that I've actually done before.
  I mean a program like the one I suggested is definitely needed. I just believe it would be too much to take on alone. Especially with me still have on and off relapses.
  There is companies like Mslifelines and the National Ms Society. It's just not with some of the specific things people need help with.
 With that being said I hope to one day see a non profit of this sort. It just wont be from me .

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis/Contest entry

  I entered a contest today. It's called the 25k Pitch competition. Started by Chamillionaire, E40, and on a website named Convoz.
  I'm not sure If I'll actually win. Although if I do I hope that I can make a difference in peoples lives To try and get them the help that I can't seem to receive. If you've read any of my prior blogs on here, my Vocal Media account ( ), on my YouTube account ( ). I tend to talk about the struggles i'm currently going through.
   After being hospitalized the end of September. My children and I being separated and losing primary custody of my youngest son. As well as about me having to living from one house to the other. To the point were I may end up in a shelter next.
  Hopefully I win and can get the help that people in these or similar  situations need.
 I only came back up here this even to post this. I hope you all are having or have had a good day.