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Showing posts with label friend. Show all posts

Sunday, January 12, 2020

I Love me(Sorry not Sorry)

I'm not trying to be funny or being judgemental.

How I feel has nothing to do with how you guys may feel, move, do things.

I haven't dated in years. because my health as well as because the alarming rates of the sexually transmitted diseases other people have been contracting(sorry not sorry).

I read and look at the news stories a lot. And social media yall talk too much sometimes!

There are way too many of us out here sharing partners knowingly and unknowingly. Some care and some don't.

I've been hurt before by a man/men thinking it was okay for him to go from me to multiple women. While I was giving my heart solely to him/them.

“When a woman leaves you for herself she’s not coming back” ~ Unknown ~

In a different situation I had a person I thought was my friend(I'm sure there was probably more of ya'll):take it upon herself to give herself to him and smile in my face.
And I don't care if I was only dating the man.Being that we were friends;he should have been off limits.

So,until I can find a man that I know deserves all of my love exclusively ;I'm not giving myself to no one, other than my children completely(not sexually now days you have to specify).Multiple Sclerosis or not!

I need a man to love me more than I love myself. And I don’t mean to be infatuated with me either. I mean someone that shows me that it’s all about me and no one else. Bring out the best in me as I in return would try me best to return the same treatment.Wine me dine me, take me on trips, heck surprise me(I can do in return some times too .When I get right; because as of right now, I’m not right. Financially, but I don’t plan on being this way for long) !

Update: The goal is to eventually be someone’s wife. Not someone’s long term girlfriend for the rest of my life!

That doesn’t mean abuse me and take advantage of me. Love me all of me and everything that comes with me.

I'm not afraid to be alone. I'll deal with it if I have to.
Hopefully after you’ve read all of what I said you get it.
Please don’t hesitate to chime in and let me know your thoughts. 

What are your thoughts? The comments are open just for that!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Out of site out of Mind?

 That saying is one of the realist I've  ever heard of. It took me years to notice though. I always wanted to give people a fair chance. Even when I felt like they didn't deserve it.

  Especially this past year. And i'm not feeling it from everyone. In fact I push some people away. I have just experienced too much with people over the years. Which has my trust messed up!

 I feel bad for it sometimes . Somethings I'd really rather deal with alone. With my family and friends. My close family and friends. Because now a days some family members an friends are questionable. Questionable with their actions,words, and/or their views on things. Are they genuine or around to have something to talk about later on?

  Yet,family, friends, and co-workers that have been around you for years. You'd expect to stay down even when things aren't right. Right? Those are the ones that statement remains true for.

  It has me questioning;what are some peoples true thoughts ,on what friends, family, and co-workers should and shouldn't be like or  be or doing?

  When my health started really taking a toll on me. Only a few people actually bothered to make sure I was okay. And still do.Co-workers,friends,and family. Overtime a few of those people only seemed to pop up in a Facebook post or an Instagram post here and there. Few and I mean a few are still around. Getting deleted or blocked along the way.

  Some of the same people I would break my neck to try and be there for when I was able to. Whether they needed a ride,a listening ear, a few dollars,or food if I could spare it. Where are they now?

  Things haven't gotten in better. They've gotten worse. But those people those same people are
awaiting a Facebook post or an Instagram post. Before the even stop to acknowledge me or what I got going on.

 Heck I can't even expect a read or a follow from them on any of my blogs. Forget any other type support right?I don't have anything for them right? I'm broke but my ears still work. I don't have anything but I can't use a listening ear myself? Or I don't have a place with food so they can't ask me for any.

   Hmmm,things won't be like they are forever.Trust me! Make sure you keep that same energy! Out of site out of Mind.