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Monday, July 15, 2019

Scammers/hacked accounts

  I assumed that they more or less didn't try these types of things on Facebook. Being that it would be easier to get their information.I was most definitely proven wrong this week.
 After getting a ton of friend request. Having approved a lot of them. Thinking it would drive more traffic to my blog. And maybe some financial assistance to my gofundme.

 I just ended up with a lot of ;"are you single?" messages,a few "government grant" scams, as well as a couple "do you want to make some money? Do you have a bank account?"messages.

 Up until this past week I've only gotten the government scam messages.On my Facebook account. I was hit with all kinds of messages at once. 

  Now I've decided not to accept any friend requests from strangers. Unless we have several friends in common, are a family member, or they'd really have to be into networking(before I accept the request). 
I will be a little more leery.

 My bio doesn't state i'm looking for a sugar daddy, or a government grant, nor does it say I'm looking to give my bank information away.Although it does state I'm single;it does not mean i'm looking. 

   Is there sites specifically designed for that?I mean for scammers looking for bank information?

 I've personally looked into government grants. And have seen sites offering sugar daddy services(please don't judge me;I follow a lot of vine turned Instagram user accounts).

  I just wished they'd avoid my account altogether. When they're looking for anything other than networking,or are family members,or close friends.