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Monday, July 15, 2019

Scammers/hacked accounts

  I assumed that they more or less didn't try these types of things on Facebook. Being that it would be easier to get their information.I was most definitely proven wrong this week.
 After getting a ton of friend request. Having approved a lot of them. Thinking it would drive more traffic to my blog. And maybe some financial assistance to my gofundme.

 I just ended up with a lot of ;"are you single?" messages,a few "government grant" scams, as well as a couple "do you want to make some money? Do you have a bank account?"messages.

 Up until this past week I've only gotten the government scam messages.On my Facebook account. I was hit with all kinds of messages at once. 

  Now I've decided not to accept any friend requests from strangers. Unless we have several friends in common, are a family member, or they'd really have to be into networking(before I accept the request). 
I will be a little more leery.

 My bio doesn't state i'm looking for a sugar daddy, or a government grant, nor does it say I'm looking to give my bank information away.Although it does state I'm single;it does not mean i'm looking. 

   Is there sites specifically designed for that?I mean for scammers looking for bank information?

 I've personally looked into government grants. And have seen sites offering sugar daddy services(please don't judge me;I follow a lot of vine turned Instagram user accounts).

  I just wished they'd avoid my account altogether. When they're looking for anything other than networking,or are family members,or close friends.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Out of site out of Mind?

 That saying is one of the realist I've  ever heard of. It took me years to notice though. I always wanted to give people a fair chance. Even when I felt like they didn't deserve it.

  Especially this past year. And i'm not feeling it from everyone. In fact I push some people away. I have just experienced too much with people over the years. Which has my trust messed up!

 I feel bad for it sometimes . Somethings I'd really rather deal with alone. With my family and friends. My close family and friends. Because now a days some family members an friends are questionable. Questionable with their actions,words, and/or their views on things. Are they genuine or around to have something to talk about later on?

  Yet,family, friends, and co-workers that have been around you for years. You'd expect to stay down even when things aren't right. Right? Those are the ones that statement remains true for.

  It has me questioning;what are some peoples true thoughts ,on what friends, family, and co-workers should and shouldn't be like or  be or doing?

  When my health started really taking a toll on me. Only a few people actually bothered to make sure I was okay. And still do.Co-workers,friends,and family. Overtime a few of those people only seemed to pop up in a Facebook post or an Instagram post here and there. Few and I mean a few are still around. Getting deleted or blocked along the way.

  Some of the same people I would break my neck to try and be there for when I was able to. Whether they needed a ride,a listening ear, a few dollars,or food if I could spare it. Where are they now?

  Things haven't gotten in better. They've gotten worse. But those people those same people are
awaiting a Facebook post or an Instagram post. Before the even stop to acknowledge me or what I got going on.

 Heck I can't even expect a read or a follow from them on any of my blogs. Forget any other type support right?I don't have anything for them right? I'm broke but my ears still work. I don't have anything but I can't use a listening ear myself? Or I don't have a place with food so they can't ask me for any.

   Hmmm,things won't be like they are forever.Trust me! Make sure you keep that same energy! Out of site out of Mind.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

One day I’ll get there

I saw this and couldn’t resist sharing.Although I’ve been a little farther than across the street. That debt ain’t no joke.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

TI goes in on Tmz

 Tmz/Harvey Levine posts alleged results of TI's sister Precious autopsy. Stating she had drugs in her system. And TI went live stating his disregard towards them. TI/TMZ/Harvey

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One of my vocal media articles

      This is the first article I wrote when I decided to write. I had no idea what I was doing. If It was even worth doing so. After waiting a few days. I realized that I wasn't getting the results I was looking for. Although I'm grateful for the opportunity It gave me as a start.
      I'm no longer interested in writing and publishing through that particular site. 
     Which led me here. I have seen amazing results traffic wise. Not significant but  I do see a big difference. And here I'm not limited to the number of words I have to type. I could probably type one or two words and publish. As to were on there I not only have to type a certain amount of words; I have to make sure that it's written up to their standards. Standards that I don't feel creative writers shouldn't have to be limited to. Writing whatever I want and however I want is an amazing thing.
So if you have a little time please read my first published piece.