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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

We Finally Got A Place

  I wanted to share this with you all. Since I've Been MIA mainly due to my depression. There has also been a ton of doctor appointments,  Ms physical therapy, as well as therapy appointments in-between there as well. I think you guys deserve to know that I wasn't not doing anything at all. I never gave up on trying to find a place of my own. Being that throughout everything that I've had going on; Since I've started my blogging journey mainly started because of my health not being able to work, not having an income, nor a place of my own.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Beyond Grateful

     Thank you for coming to my blog. I'm not sure if you're a frequent viewer or a newcomer but you are appreciated! If you've had a chance to read some of my past blogs you know that things have been really hard for me the past few years. 

If you haven't once again you're presence here is appreciated!

  Things still are (going hard for me/us). The thing is I haven't been complaining or bringing them up as much. Feeling as though people really don't really care. Or maybe really even don't want to take the time out to read about it.

   I've taken the time out while I'm feeling sort of okay today to type this up. Just to explain how grateful I am for the people that have helped us along this journey. Although it seems as though it is far from over.
 I still don't have my kids back together(yes, my kids although two of them are adults, one is still in college). And we are still living from house to house. Well, currently one more than others(if that makes sense). Meaning we are in one house more than we are in others. I'm truly grateful for the fact that we are not in the streets.

 Now the income issue is a whole other issue.  I'm currently living off of saga and food stamps. Still waiting for disability. An Issue I've been dealing with since being taken out of work in 2018.

 I cannot wait for the day to be able to pay it forward.

     Praying that those of you who are able to do so. Do so without judgment you don't know what people have gone through to get in the situations they are in! 

Thank you Once again to those of you that have been there for us. And continue to be there!