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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Praying For Everyone in the World

 I’m blogging today to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.As we go through this trying time together. Being that we have no idea what we are really facing.
  This Coronavirus has caused an uproar. One that no one was expecting, and nowhere near prepared for .And from the looks of things we currently have no cure for. 

One this has hit worldwide. It has literally hit every continent! 
 So, please utilize all of the precautions that you can(wash your hands and distance yourself from people). Isolate yourselves, your families, and limit your time outside.
   Again I’m praying for all of us! Even with everything I have going on; I had to stop and address this epidemic. That we can only pray they can get it under control soon. Right now it looks like they barely know what to do.

  I haven’t been feeling 100%. Mentality or physically )from my Multiple Sclerosis not the Coronavirus) which hasn’t had my focus right,so blogging definitely hasn’t been a priority.

Again be safe.Hopefully we’ll shake this thing and be back on track soon!