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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Instagram story inspiration


 I hope you’ve watched the short Instagram clip. It touched me this morning. Had me about ready to cry. 

  I was once a 16 year old that gave birth. Got pregnant at 15. Although I didn’t allow anyone to take my title from me. Yes,I was young. Yes, I had no idea what I was doing.Or how I was going to care for that child. Although I did what it was I had to do.

 And being young and misled I did it again 3 years later. And another six years  after that.

 This story had me in my feelings for a minute. Even though I was a child having to raise a child. My people was there but they weren't if that makes any sense.  just wouldn't consider myself although I was young not to be a mother.That's just a story for a different day. When I tell you it's deep I mean just that. I just rather not put anyone for they way they've held down the positions that they've held in my life.
By the grace of God I did it!
  I was literally about to shed tears watching this video. Although things are discombobulated right now. Things got done back then. And I am grateful.

  That now young man I had at 16 ;Is a 22 year old amazingly handsome intelligent young mart today. And the child I had three years later. At 19 years old smart mouth although equally intelligent beautiful young woman. And my baby boy another smart mouth individual became all of our baby. Is a 12 year old stubborn,smart hardworking(if you've met him or ever get to meet him you'd understand what I mean) young handsome boy(don't tell him I called him that.

Hopefully you get where I'm going with this. You never know who's story will touch you and have you thinking more about things you've experienced in life! I commend that young lady for telling her story. One day I'll go into full detail about mine.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Am I momming Right

 Yes, I said that. I’m not sure if that’s a word or not. Quit frankly I don’t care. I’m laughing as I type this.
  For the past few days my youngest child has been calling me. Every morning and every other night. Asking why he has to go to school this last few days. I guess dad really didn’t want to be bothered so he threw it off on me.
   Even after explaining to him that he needs his education. I’m told they’re not doing much work. I didn’t make my two oldest go on the last days. He’s not going to have a lot of time to enjoy his summer. I still stand by him needing to go his self to school.
  Of course, he’s not trying to hear it. And now I’m about to be blocked from calling his phone. I’m annoying, childish, and last but not least I am the worst.
  He has no idea that this type of things go into his school record. Nor that he’s actually hurting my feelings. I’m sure he probably doesn’t even care.
 It has me thinking am I the annoying and childish mom? And then I remember as a mom that’s not for me to really care about. That’s on him.
  When he gets older. Around or maybe even older this his adult siblings he’ll understand. I’m almost positive at one point or another they felt the same way.
 I’m not here for him to like me or to be his friend. I’m here to listen and try my best to guide him in the right direction. So, I guess in a way I am momming right! Are you?