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Monday, February 17, 2020

11 Years ago Today in History Black History /President Obama

On Presidents’ Day from the desk of our Forever President Barack Obama .

Click on the link below to learn more


Black History Fact/Sojourner Truth

                                      Sojourner Truth

Click the link for more information on one of the pioneers for woman’s civil rights.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis with Mzlittlejohn/Trying to find work

So, being that I’m out of work, sick, not making any money, in the mix of waiting for a disability determination, I'm attempting to find some type of part time work. Especially because I can only try to do it part time. And I don't have much experience.
I've worked as a Certified Nurse Aide, School Bus Driver, and I only have maybe a year's worth of college experience under my belt. So, I'm attempting to try something different.
This particular type of work is called voice over. After signing up for it, I realized that just my laptop isn't going to be enough to do so. So, I contacted my dad to get him to get me a microphone. I mean I’d have done it myself, but with Amazon Prime it comes faster. Sorry, I'm broke, so no, I couldn't afford that subscription. He in return told me no.
Anyway he told me to use my phone. I'm literally laughing about that. Because I’m thinking this type of work requires a PC. Not any type of mobile phone would help that. So I thought I'd look into it.
In doing so, I noticed that the recordings only come out as mp4. Yet, the site requires mp3. And of course, the Apple Store offers apps to help with that. And they were free to download; but after uploading the mp4, trying to convert it to mp3, it would require a payment.
Again, how the heck was I going to do that—and I'm broke. I am currently shaking my head (I'd put the abbreviation, but I don't want to have any issues publishing on here).
So with the last few dollars I did have, I invested in myself. Hopefully it'll work out in my favor.
Although you know my issue didn't stop there. After me acquiring the microphone, recording my first demos (yes demos I couldn't just do one), uploading them, I couldn't directly apply for the jobs (great right?). I now have to hope and pray I get responses without being able to apply directly.
I am not trying to pay nobody $499 to try and apply for jobs that probably aren't even guaranteed. Money is already an issue for me. Maybe I should say us, being that it’s not just me this affects. I’m praying that this works out. Eventually they could probably start doing the same to gain some extra money. Money that they could possibly be put into a savings account for the future.
I hope if this experience teaches them anything thing, it’ll teach them to plan better for later. Always plan ahead. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, especially someone that has kids that are still in school. My youngest, as well as my young adults, have rocked with me through a lot. I appreciate them for still being by my side throughout all of this!
Anyway this is a funny first experience, and I hope you all get a good laugh out of this like I did. I hope that if this particular demo doesn't work that the ones in the future do.
I refuse to allow this payment issue to stop me from at least trying to gain work. I’m really interested in seeing where this will go. It’s something different. And I don’t think it can be too hard to do
What do you think? Would you ever try it? I mean I’m nowhere near being an actor. I just feel like it’s something that won’t take much time. And could probably be a lucrative opportunity.
Thanks for reading my story/stories, please share, and or donate as well if you like.
Have a great day, everyone!

These last few blogs

 The latest blog posts are my very first blogs. From a site called Vocal Media. Being that I don’t like how their payment  system works I’m posting them on here instead. If you’d like to make a donation in anyway my cashapp as well as my PayPal are listed on the top of the website.

Thank you,

I almost got discouraged

I didn’t think anyone would listen/read what I had to say. Yet, for some reason I kept going. Especially not after realizing most people could really care less.
This morning I got a direct message. From a person I’ve known most of my life. Asking me what it was. Of course, I acted as though it didn't mean much to me. I simply stated it was just an article. I didn’t even go into detail on what it was about. Although I was hoping he'd at least take the time to read it.
A few minutes later he responds; he commends me on telling my story. And that most people wouldn’t even have done that. And that he sees where I’m going with it.
When he sent me the message I started crying in front of one of my family members, who I’m sure was looking at me like I was crazy? But she sat, and let me explain to her why.
So, I told her. And as I was telling her, she explained that she got chills. And she almost started crying. I then allowed her to read the article . And she really did start crying. I guess she understood what I’d been going through a little better.
The thing that actually grinds my gears about this is, I’m sure I won’t get that many views from my friends and family, I say this because I noticed they’re much quicker to embrace complete strangers than someone they actually know. Or the most popular individuals. Which I never set out to be. I mean I starting having kids at a young age.And that pushed me to want to try and be the best mom I could be with whatever it was life allowed me to utilize to do so.
I’ve finally gotten to a point were I no longer care about their opinions. I mean those same family/friends have turned their backs on me when I needed them to be in my corner the most. I can say not all, but there’s quite a lot of them. Yet, When I was doing good, and could lend a helping hand I did so, and could care less of how anyone viewed me. Because that's just the type of person I am.
Although I’d like to express to those of them that did help when they could, whether it was monetary, a place to lay my head, or just a listening ear, I appreciate you, everything you’ve done for me, as well as my kids!
That is what pushed me to write about my experiences.
And he may not know it; but I’m sure he will if he reads this article, but he’s just given me the courage I needed to keep going.
I also started doing videos about my struggles. And I haven’t been putting my all into them. And that just gave me the push I needed to keep going with those as well. Writing allows me to get it out a little better than I can in the videos. I may not do them every time I do an article, but I will try to do them just as much as I write my articles.
Hopefully it’ll give me the strength to continue my book. A book that I convinced my dad to purchase me a new PC for. Once I started going through everything I was going through, I stopped typing. I still have the portion that I wrote. Me starting my articles is pushing me back to it.
Wait, could that be considered writers block? I’m not too sure. But I do know after I type this article I’ll be getting back to It.
Anyway, my YouTube channel (Mz.Littlejohn) is available for viewing. These articles will keep coming. And hopefully my book will be coming soon.
No, it will not be about my life. It’ll be an urban fiction book. Maybe after things get better, I’ll write one about my life.
On a better note, just hang in here with me. Continue to read my articles, and watch my videos, so we can gather more content together. Have a blessed day all!

My Feelings

This experience has been one that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.
Not knowing how I’m going to feel from one day to the next. From having paresthesis (I’m probably misspelling it), to the cramping (throughout my body), the weakness, sometimes having my leg giving out on me.
I hate when someone makes it up in their head that I’m not as bad as I believe. Just because I haven’t said anything; or they can’t see it. I’m just not one to complain about things unless it becomes a major issue for me. I’m sorry you can’t see it, or that I didn’t express exactly how I’m feeling to you.
I’ve worked most of my life. So for me to be going through this. For me to have to ask for help, or need people to me allow me to stay with them, it’s almost unbearable.
It’s taking everything in me not to just try and give up on everything and everybody. Like people have done to me countless times over the years.
My children are what help me stay grounded. They make me push forward. Even though I have all of the odds stacked against me.
I wish people would stop assuming I enjoy being out of work, depending on other people, waiting for assistance. I can’t go back to school because I’m limited to 20 hours of work a week. The most experience I’ve had working was as a school bus driver. And although I could try and get my certification back to work as a CNA; let’s face it, who really wants someone that could possibly have a flare up taking care of their family members?
I feel like no matter how hard I try to get things done, it's never good enough. Also let's no forget the fact that I’ll either be walking, or taking public transportation. Although I don’t mind it. It’s just not a great means of transportation for anyone working in healthcare, nor for a person like myself that has children all over the place.
Like I stated before I started this page, as well as my YouTube page (Mz.Littlejohn) I just want to get some things off my chest, as well as to try and help others that may be facing similar issues. Not necessarily just people with MS.
If I can help anyone learn more about multiple sclerosis. Or deal with the issues that they are being dealt in life, I’m more than happy to help. It’s hard trying to deal with these types of things on your own. And if most people are like myself, who'd rather not go sit in a group, hear about other people’s issues, or talk about their own for that matter; then I’m more than positive that I’m taking the correct way of handling things.
I just hope that people would try harder understanding. Some things people go through are a lot easier when people take time to listen to them. Not assume that they aren’t capable, or aren't doing things the correct way, because more often than not it’s not the case.
Try waking up out of your sleep with the shakes, having a cramp randomly (in your leg, back, toe, arm etc.). Or attempting to get up to walk and do something, and your leg just gives out on you. I can promise you at that moment, anything you’re doing, or trying to get done, isn’t happening.
I know I probably have a ton of grammatical errors. Please just hang in here with me. This is my second time venturing off to try and do something like this. And it also took me a while to do, because I stated before you never know how someone feels. Lets just say at least two times during me writing this article I got cramps in my back. I hope you all enjoy my articles, and continue to share them.

Surviving Multiple Sclerosis with MzLittlejohn

It's hard to really explain. I'm not sure how i've endured this disease all of these years. I'd like to say maybe it was from the medication I'd been prescribed. Or maybe me not being as stressed out as I am now in life. I've been living with this since 2012. It would be nice to say it gets easier with time. Yet, that would not be a true statement. Some days are easier than others. Initially it was paresthesias that led my doctor to look further into my health.
I'm sure you're wondering what that is. Heck, I was too. I know now and didn't experience it again until last year. When I was taken out of work because of my hospitalization. Then everything seemed to go down hill. Because of this i've losst a friend, my home, my car, as well as primary custody of my child.
This by far is the most difficult time in my life. And at times I feel like I lose faith, and want to give up on everything. But my oldest children are what help me keep pushing. How can I continue to push them to continue something (college) if i'm not trying.
And try to teach them to never give up on something that they want in life. As well as the fact that having just a high school education won't get them far in life. Hopefully what worked on them, will work on their youngest brother as well.
Trying to instill those qualities in them has gotten me a senior at UConn (video game design major), and an almost-sophomore at Monroe College (information technology). I am so proud of my children for putting effort into defeating the odds most kids in our community don't get through.
I originally started posting these on Vocal Media. Due to how their payout systems work I decided to just go ahead and post all of my work on her. Once I do that I’ll be deactivating that account.So, if you familiar with that and would like to make a donation the top of this page has my cashapp and PayPal information.
I'm grateful that, aside from our circumstances, they pushed forward and continued! Proud, is literally an understatement. I had my share of college, and because I was just diagnosed, trying to work a full time job, as well as take care of three children, was overwhelming.
As well as me being in what I assumed was a committed relationship. Yet, I seemed to be the only one in the relationship, and was putting more effort in than he was.
The smartest thing I've probably ever done was walk away. With everything I had going through, that was too much. I think that was a really stressful time in my life. Honestly I think that is what started my original flare ups.
Currently i'm in-between every thing I have going on: living house to house, having no income (I was denied disability, and am awaiting decision from the appeal), and not having all of my children around me. I'm still holding on though, by a very thin limb, and it's hard, but i'm doing so.
This is my very first time doing something like this. I'm not sure if it would get many views. Or if it will help anyone for that matter. I'm praying it does, and hoping that this helps me as well (mentally and financially, because lord knows I need it to be beneficial in some type of way).
Maybe by the next article i'll have my own space. Because this living house to house, with people over my shoulder; i'm totally over. I guess it beats living in a shelter, or the streets completely. This is just a way for me to vent, try to help others, and again gain money to help me help my family.
So please take time to share this with your friends.
This is the first of hopefully many stories written by MzLittlejohn.